School Pictures Canvas Prints

School Pictures Canvas Prints

  • If you have children, you already know how important school pictures are to document your child’s growth and education.
  • So don't waste any time and celebrate your child’s success and school and show them off with School Pictures Canvas Prints!
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How to Use School Pictures In Your Décor

Here are a few ways to use their school photos in your home décor:

1. Have a dedicated school picture wall

Your child will have quite a few school pictures that range from their first day of preschool all the way up to their last day of secondary school and even university pictures, so the best way to incorporate them into your décor is to have one wall that’s dedicated to just school photos. This wall should have enough space for all their school year photos, and you’ll simply just add a new one each new school year. You can easily create a common décor theme by buying several of the same frames to keep the look uniform or change up the frames with each school picture…it’s totally up to you and your aesthetic preference! Think of this wall as a gallery wall dedicated to your child’s education! And if you have several children, save wall space for each one to have their own school year décor!

2. School Photo Collage Canvas

Having a dedicated school picture wall can sometimes take up a lot of space, especially if you have several children, so the next best thing to do is opt for a school photo collage canvas! This is one canvas that showcases their photos through several grades, but on in one convenient space! This will save a lot of wall space and you can easily create one large one when they are totally done with school or break them up so that you end up having several school photo collage canvases. You can break them up by primary or high school years photo collage canvases or wait every few years to get them made and then add to the wall as they complete each new grade. These canvases are totally customizable and you can even add inspirational quotes or sayings to the canvases to personalize them even more. You’ll be creating keepsakes of your favorite school memories with customised collage canvas prints!

3. Create shadow boxes for each grade

In addition to their yearly class photos, you can create a shadow box for each grade that includes their school photo and other artwork or memorabilia as it relates to that specific grade! It’s a unique way to not only display their school photos, but you’ll also be able to save some cool keepsakes from each year in school. And with shadow boxes, you don’t always need to hang them on the wall; you can easily display them on shelves, mantles or bookcases, allowing you more freedom to incorporate them into your existing décor! And if you don’t want too many shadow boxes, you can combine a few grades to save space! And these make cool gifts for grandparents or other family members who want to proudly show off your kids!

Each year, your child goes up a grade and will most likely take school pictures to commemorate their year in that class. Those school pictures become mementos of their childhood and are memories that you’re cherish when they get older.

Keepsakes of your child’s school days are precious and by incorporating them into your décor, you’ll creating talking piece and proudly showing off your child’s educational success with each year they complete!

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